Fallowfield’s most iconic streets

Leo Simpson / Guide / 3 minute read

Fallowfield, the beacon of Manchester’s student scene. To some it feels like home immediately, others have a more love/hate relationship with the area, but as a student in the city one thing is for sure: Fallowfield is unavoidable.

‘Where are you living next year?’, ‘Which Street you moving to?’. When it comes to discussing Fallowfield housing, students in Manchester become a very nosey bunch. The truth is that all students in the city want to find the perfect street and location for them and their mates. This usually consists of a variety of a few main criteria: Proximity to other mates, nearby shops, size of the rooms and basement and eventually its accessibility to uni. (Usually in that order). Collectively we all love to have a nosey round other houses, whether visiting for a party or suffering one of many awkward, intrusive house viewings.

It’s true, however, that Fallowfield’s streets vary hugely in their characteristics and atmosphere. But which are the best student streets in Fallowfield? Which streets hold ‘iconic’ status? I spoke to residents from across Manchester’s very own student cesspit to find out. Whilst these may not be the warmest, safest, or even most communal streets, they are the ones that most accurately depict what Manchester’s student life has to offer. Here is my comprehensive list of Fallowfield’s most iconic streets:

  1. Albion Road

    Well, when I said list of ‘most iconic’ streets, what I really meant here was: ‘Most entertaining and chaotic’. Albion road certainly offers chaos in abundance. Let’s break down the geography: Aside from being parallel to Wilmslow Road and the infamous Owens Park, the street literally backs onto Platt Fields’ Park. Most charming street? Probably not. Safest? Certainly not. However, anyone who has been present at an Albion Road party will know that it attracts a type of student who prioritises a good time over the cooler rustic aesthetic that other Fallowfield homes may boast. This is a street for anyone who doesn’t necessarily rely on getting their full deposit back, or one that would like to develop a heart-warming relationship with the staff at Kej’s. A fun, bustling, iconic part of the area, with a bit of edge to it.

  2. Wellington Road

    Massive gaffs. Honestly this one couldn’t be more different to Albion Road. This is probably the perfect street for somebody who wants to find a nice middle ground between being an active, sociable resident of Fallowfield, whilst also maintaining their place at Uni. Near enough to all the areas’ most popular bars and food spots, whilst being tucked away enough to sleep at night. The houses usually have a very large garden, which is invaluable in the summer term. Big bedrooms and living areas that host either a great Pre’s or a very good-sized party. Would recommend to virtually any student. A crowd pleaser for a group with a differing range of accommodation priorities.

  3. Derby Road

    Once again a very different one to the previous two. Derby Road isn’t the biggest street in the area, yet it seems to crop up a lot in your time in Fallowfield. I’m not sure whether it’s residents share a telepathic desire to throw parties or if they just feel pressured by the Road’s reputation to do so? Aside from its parties, the street has some beautiful houses, ones that will often leave visitors from elsewhere in the area feeling confused, jealous or cheated. This level of architectural beauty is not only rare in Fallowfield but also most likely adds to its residents’ willingness to host, living in one of Derby Road’s larger houses is brag worthy.

  4. Amherst Road

    Whilst maybe not being the most notorious street in the area, Amherst punches above its weight, literally. In 2014, MEN reported “More than 100 people evacuated from ONE house after floor collapses at student party”. I’ve heard of some uncomfortable calls being made to Landlord’s but this one surely takes the cake. The street is still lively and well placed but this story alone immortalises Amherst alongside M14’s elite locations. It is boosted by its short walk to Ladybarn’s shops, which is an invaluable resource to any student, particularly those who are violently hungover. An underrated gem.

  5. Egerton Road

    This will divide opinion. Love it or loathe it, Egerton Road is arguably the most visited street by students. I could be bias as I may or may not have spent my second year living at number 76, but the street left me with unforgettable memories, good bad and ugly. Firstly, the houses are weird. Sort of renovated old Victorian family homes that have been glued back together to cram more bedrooms in. I may not be selling it but honestly, it must be the busiest and most sociable street in Fallowfield. This is unsurprising given that The Friendship Inn in all its piss-stained glory lies directly at its first corner. During our first month we had a knock on the door from two police officers warning us of the fact that it was the most burgled street in South Manchester. (Brilliant). This isn’t helped by the grim, exposed alleyways that connect all the street’s back gardens. A year of living on Egerton is guaranteed to be character building and sleep depriving, but it won’t be boring.

Honourable mentions:

  • Lathom Road: Tucked away, well placed, arguably the best gardens I’ve seen in any student house. A perfect ‘middle ground’ option.
  • Granville Road: Busy, central, literally near every popular Fallowfield shop or bar, not far from Withington.
  • Brailsford Road: A great option for a second year home, very central, misses out due to its distance from a bus stop.

What does your ‘Iconic streets’ list look like?